Gel Play > Gel Play New Glitz Mini’s - Limited Edition Package of 6
Gel Play New Glitz Mini’s  - Limited Edition Package of 6

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Glitter Like Never Before with the Gel Play Glitz Gold Leaf Series - all 6 colors in Mini 2 gram pots that are only available while supplies last!

(The full size 4g pots sold individually doing soon! they will be in stock and available May 25)

Gel Play Glitz features The Gold Leaf Series: 24K Gold Leaf, White Gold Leaf and Rose Gold Leaf.

Glitz gels are specially formulated to allow for a smooth application.

  • Glitter lays flat to reflect the most amount of light resulting in a foil like effect. 
  • Glitz is a super saturated full coverage glitter.

Sparkle this season with Gel Play Glitz.



UV/LED Gel Play Glitz Gem Collection 2017

6 x 2 g


UV/LED Gel Play - Glitz Pink Diamond



UV/LED Gel Play - Glitz Purple Garnet



UV/LED Gel Play - Glitz Pewter Quartz



UV/LED Gel Play - Glitz Yellow Citrine



UV/LED Gel Play - Glitz Green Peridot



UV/LED Gel Play - Glitz Blue Tanzanite